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Blaak. A street that was once a port, the beating heart of a historic economy. Later, it housed the commodities exchange, the old post office, a train station and the railway viaduct. After the war the office buildings rose and, with that, Blaak became Rotterdam’s epicentre of the old economy.

Blaak16 dates from this era, having been built at the end of the 1970s. A beacon of trust and security, it is a city landmark due to being inscribed with the Dutch artist and poet Lucebert’s famous quote “Alles van waarde is weerloos”. (meaning “All things of value are helpless”), which is a must-see for everyone who rides past on the train.

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Through times of change, Blaak adapts accordingly. Its outstanding accessibility ensures a strategically strong location in Rotterdam’s business centre. Conveniently surrounded by all the inner city facilities you would expect, while located perfectly for traveling quickly into and out of the city, Blaak provides its own definition of the new way of working.

Blaak16 occupies a prominently advantageous position in this street. The building has been revitalised into a multifunctional and highly sustainable (BREEAM Excellent) office building, while still respecting the original architecture and surroundings. Features include approx. 1,500 sqm floorspace that’s highly flexible for division, a private parking garage and a rooftop office and terrace that provides a fantastic environment for people who want more out of their job than simply having a roof over their head from 9 to 5.




Blaak16 lies right at the heart of the city, central in Rotterdam’s business centre. Less than 100 metres from the Markthal, and right opposite Blaak Station, it’s surrounded by distinctive establishments such as Loyens & Loeff, Stedin and the citizenM hotel. With plenty of bars, restaurants and shops close by, the area has a tangible energy and bustling city atmosphere that’s great for doing business in.

The original 1970s building was badly need of a facelift, so renovations to transform it into a sustainable building are being carried out within the existing architecture. Blaak16 enjoys a distinctive openness and plenty of light. The clean lines of the outer façade continue into the spacious entry hall which leads to the impressive office tower. Large glass areas in the facades allow exceptional amounts of light into the building, ensuring a wonderful experience within.
Once completed, the building will comprise:

Approx. 14,000 sqm floorspace Ground floor + 11 stories Rooftop terrace (11th floor) including meeting facilities New façade made of high quality materials New entrance Climate control system with high levels of comfort Energy rating A+ / BREEAM Excellent Unobstructed views and plenty of natural light - Optimal accessibility by car and public transport 151 parking spaces in private garage




Blaak16 is so ideally located that accessibility is never a problem. Connections with the city and surrounding areas are easily made via all modes of public transport as well as by car, by bike or on foot. The building is barely 10 minutes’ drive from the Rotterdam ring, which makes it really easy to reach by car from other cities. And with Blaak Train Station directly opposite the building, both local and intercity trains are another very convenient option.



Blaak is a through road with freely flowing traffic, which means Blaak16 easily accessible by car. A garage beneath the building provides parking exclusively for its users. A number of other public car parks are also available close by, most of which are under cover.


Blaak Station provides access to all (inter)national rail routes and is a stop for Intercity trains. Via an easy connection at Rotterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport can be reached within 35 minutes and there are also excellent connections with international trains to Germany, Belgium, France and the UK. Direct busses to Rotterdam/The Hague Airport also depart from Rotterdam Central Station.

Tram / metro / bus

Rotterdam’s tram, bus and metro network is also easily accessible via Blaak Station. Various stops located here provide good access to all parts of the city.


Recent decades have seen a great deal of renovation and renewal that has transformed the centre of Rotterdam into a modern, metropolitan area. History has made way for a focussed vision of the future, making this area distinctly unique in the Netherlands.

Today’s Rotterdam city centre is a vibrant mix of business professionalism, culture, relaxation and day-to-day life. With space for experimentation, innovation, an inspiring choice of art and cuisine from all corners of the world. It’s a place where people enjoy both living and working.

This characterful mix of courage, vision and determination is hugely attractive to businesses, organisations and residents. It provides all that’s needed to face and shape the future with confidence and conviction. Exactly what architecture should be about.

Which other city chooses to build a bustling indoor market right in its centre? So everybody can experience a surprising combination of architecture, food, shopping, working and living.




Center of

The businesses and organisations around Blaak16 ensure there’s a constant buzz in the air. Multinationals and ambitious start-ups work side-by-side, each playing their own part in the local, national and international economies. A diverse range of business services are represented here, including everything from the legal profession and finance companies to the creative industry. And of course there’s no lack of IT or public facilities.

The ambitions which are sung about in the grandstands of de Kuip (Feyenoord stadium) are fulfilled every day in the area around Blaak16. Words are put into action as work continues on the development of the city, the country and the future. The area is practically made-to-measure for enterprising businesses who want the privilege of an operational base where sustainability goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. They’ve opted for the courageous modernisation presented by the renewed architecture.


In addition to the many business operations here, the area around Blaak is known for its multi-faceted offering of shops, cafés, restaurants and other recreational facilities. During dining and drinking hours, there’s always a cosy hubbub around the Oude Haven, Meent and Pannekoekstraat. A wealth of food and drink choices from all over the world is offered at the new Markthal on the Binnenrotte. Meanwhile, another shopping area stretches all the way from the Hoogstraat to the Koopgoot and Lijnbaan.




Blaak16 is being sustainably redeveloped into a modern office building with a healthy future. The approx. 14,000 sqm floorspace is divided over a ground floor with a large entrance area, 11 floors which can be set up according to requirements and a rooftop which may be developed into a terrace or penthouse office with a breath-taking view. Everything has been considered with a view to realising and maintaining sustainability. All systems have therefore been replaced, optimal use is being made of natural light and the building is practically energy neutral. Conveniently accessible by both car and public transport, Blaak16 has its own parking garage with spaces for 129 cars. This can be increased (upon consultation) to 151 spaces if required.



Sustainable development.
Blaak16 will be an office building where quality manifests in many different ways. Functionally, it will be equipped with all that’s needed to serve as a comfortable and convenient working and living environment, for today and tomorrow. Additional social value is provided through the sustainable nature of the redevelopment, which has been designed to attain a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Highly insulating façades
The new façades have a minimum 4.0 sqm K/W insulation rating, and so contribute towards an energy-neutral building.

Thermal storage and district heating
The building will make use of a thermal storage system with a heat pump. This method of warming and cooling gradually adapts with warm and cold weather periods. When extreme peaks in temperature occur, the thermal storage system is supplemented with district heating. Implementation of the thermal storage system reduces energy use by around 30%, compared to a conventional system.
Climate ceilings
This system for heating and cooling consumes significantly less energy than traditional methods. Additionally, it ensures a comfortable indoor climate with minimal temperature fluctuations. Because each individual heating and cooling unit is independently controllable, temperatures can be adjusted from room to room. So it’s also possible to open windows if required without disrupting the overall indoor climate.

Water use
The drinking water system will be equipped with leak detection. All toilet facilities will be fitted with water-saving toilets and taps.

The building will be illuminated by energy efficient LED bulbs, which will operate in combination with a presence detection system. This lighting system consumes around 50% less power than traditional alternatives, which also results in less need for cooling. Daylight-sensitive controls will be positioned along the inner walls.

Blaak16 will be equipped with a sprinkler system. This will be implemented in a compartmentalised way which facilitates excellent fire control while also enabling maximum flexibility for division of office space.

Solar panels
An option for solar panels is available. Most of the roof area can be covered in these, which will generate electricity that contributes to energy neutrality.

Green roof
While renovation is still ongoing, the possibility remains open to create a moss-sedum roof. Green roofs intercept over half of rainwater, delaying its flow to the ground.

Download the BREEAM case study.


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